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Michael Pitt for Prada

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his face is gorgeous Ashley Thompson
Michael Pitt for Prada
If you're familiar with Boardwalk Empire then you’ll recognize Michael Pitt in his portrayal of James Darmody, the ivy-league student turned criminal. Already boasting an impressive resume, he’s since been asked to represent Prada as the new face of the brand.

The wardrobe stylists for Boardwalk Empire had their hands full trying to replicate the attire from the 1920’s. That’s not to say their job wasn’t fulfilling. Making sure male cast members looked dapper from head to toe wasn’t an easy task, but production always went by without a hitch especially from a wardrobe standpoint.

Michael Pitt for Prada

So adorning three piece suits time and time again lent itself well to Pitt’s transition into fashion. His brooding demeanor in-show made him the perfect candidate to be Prada’s male ambassador. He’s seen here in a shoot for Panorama Icon photographed by Michelangelo di Battista.

Michael Pitt for Prada

Michael Pitt for Prada

Michael Pitt for Prada

Michael Pitt for Prada
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