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The Portal of Awareness

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The Portal of Awareness
This is different from the usual architecture posts we do, as architecture is not just about cool looking buildings, it’s about the interaction between life and form. The Portal of Awareness might just help you realize that.

Designed by Rojkind Arquitectos and located in Mexico City, the Portal of Awareness is part of a series of public installations in the city, each of which was tasked with using a maximum of 1500 coffee mugs. Rojkind’s installation combines that most ubiquitous construction material - rebar - with a different shaded mugs to create a weaving form that appears to be moving, though it is in fact static.

The Portal of Awareness

The Portal of Awareness

Some people might look at such a thing and say that it has no purpose. But in reality, it’s purpose is create fascination and a sense of whimsy for the both the citizens and visitors alike. I’d venture to say that Rojkind achieved that.
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