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Earlier this year, one humble writer (me) suggested Robert Griffin III would come out ahead of Andrew Luck in this year's QB rookie race. And although RGIII has had an admirable season, it's Luck that was the first to reach the playoffs.

After the Indianapolis Colts beat the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday to clinch a playoff spot, in addition to Andrew Luck breaking Cam Newton’s single season for passing by a rookie (eclipsing 4,051 yards is... well, fucking crazy), is it safe to say Luck was more successful than RGIII? Debatable (hold on to your pitchforks D.C. fans). But kudos to the man that crossed the playoff finish line first, because let’s face it, there are ZERO expectations on this guy going forward this season. Even if Luck flames out in the first round (I'm talking a six interception, two fumble game), this season will be deemed a success.

For the 2012-2013 Colts, all the stars seemed to align amidst tragedies. For starters, there was all the offseason wondering if Peyton Manning was worth resigning, and although he has also had a great season in Denver, all can agree both parties ended up benefitting from their divorce. Then, after a 2-3 lacklustre start that made it seem like it was going to be a dreadful season in Indy, a tragedy that is beyond the game of football befell head coach Chuck Pagano. Being diagnosed with leukemia and forced to undergo treatment, Pagano’s plight only increased the urgency in the Colts’ locker room, a rallying cry that reeled off four consecutive victories. Now standing at 10-5 with a playoff spot firmly in hand, it doesn’t matter what Luck or the Colts do going forward, there’s something to be excited about in Indianapolis again.

RGIII was undoubtedly the one that started off strong, and he still has a chance to make the playoffs himself with next week’s Sunday night showdown against the Dallas Cowboys. But my kudos goes to the man that finished first – Andrew Luck – by leading his team to the playoffs, breaking what looked liked a rookie record that would be held for at least 5-10 years, and finally, shaving his head in support of his coach. If Andrew Luck had a superpower, it would probably be leadership.
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