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Is RGIII black enough for black people? (Timeout: Week 50)

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In case you missed it, here’s the video of ESPN’s Rob Parker questioning the authenticity of Robert Griffin III’s “blackness” due to him possibly being a Republican and having a white fiancee, and a rant on how absurd the whole idea is.

After living in Canada for 27 years, there are a few things I've come to appreciate about the true north strong and free, but coincidentally, have also made me notice some things that go on south of the border in opposition to our fine country. First off, thank the Prime Minister for our healthcare, that I don't have to worry about whether I need to sell my house for open heart surgery. The second is, the United States of America, while trying, still has a large under current of racism. Sorry, it has to be said. With all the laws that have been passed to ensure equality, everyone can still feel it. And it's come to the forefront again with Rob Parker and RGIII, but this time the attack was from inside their own camp.

Admittedly, RGIII started the discussion by stating he doesn't have to be defined as a quarterback by being African American, which is somewhat valid, as you want to be judged by your play on the field rather than your skin. Although a typical response, I can see how it may have angered a few, as some would like him to actually be a champion for his race, but que sera, it is nonetheless his choice to think of himself in any way he likes. In a response, ESPN's Rob Parker used this statement as ammunition to bring up an issue that hasn't been talked about since the days of Carlton Banks. Racism from another nationality, while still absurd, can be understood to a degree. But really, is it ever valid to question a person's authenticity to their own race? After being judged for so many years for things that are superfluous in nature, are people really using those weapons of prejudice against their own nationality?

On the surface, some of the things mentioned in this video sounds like a discussion that you're having with your senile grandfather. While I love you granddad, I don't want to hear about how you believe your prejudices should be alive and well today. Is being a Republican really an indication that a person is more white? Does having a white fiancee mean you are betraying the women of your own kind? If I was white, is it possible to believe O.J. Simpson was actually innocent (ha)? Before us, there were so many things people did in order to overcome stereotypes, but now, are those things actually being used as a barometer for our authenticity? Rob Parker in his video stated that RG3's braids are a nod to black culture, but because of the other various factors, he doesn't know if he's "down for the cause." What that is, I'm unsure of. And I would like to think other African Americans are unsure of that cause as well. Because if picking out what makes someone authentically black, authentically Chinese, authentically Filipino, authentically whatever... then count me out of it.
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