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MLB: Hall of Shame (Timeout: Week 3)

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MLB: Hall of Shame (Timeout: Week 3)
Since when did Cooperstown become the moral judge, jury and executioner of someone’s character beyond what happened on the field? This may be one of the more out of left field arguments that you may hear, but if EVERYONE was taking steroids in the steroid era, how is it possible that a few people still separated themselves from the pack? Quite simple actually: it’s called talent.

If everyone was taking steroids, and everyone got a competitive advantage in the same way, shouldn’t all the numbers of all the players be the same? Maybe I just feel differently about steroids, because if there was a way for everyone to take them, and have steroids not be detrimental to your health, wouldn’t everyone be using them? That doesn’t exist you say? What are vitamins then jackass? You pick them out of the ground?

Hopefully, one day I will have the power to vote to elect these men into Cooperstown. Right now, as I see it, in the case of Clemens and Bonds specifically, they are being accused of something that the Supreme Court couldn’t even convict them on. And even if they were taking steroids, read that first paragraph again, and take it all in.

MLB: Hall of Shame (Timeout: Week 3)

If steroids are all about strength, then it doesn’t contribute to the control, patience, and pitch selection exercised by Clemens throughout his career. Over 350 career wins, 11x All-Star, 2x World Series Champion, 7x Cy Young winner, and part of the MLB All-Century Team, and one acquittal by the Supreme Court. Voting results? 37.6% of the 75% vote required.

MLB: Hall of Shame (Timeout: Week 3)

If someone can tell me the steroid that enhances eyesight and increases your hand eye coordination, please comment. Hitting is just as much about focus, concentration and timing as it is about power. Most homeruns with 762, once hit 73 homeruns in one season, 688 career intentional walks, 14x All-Star, 8x Gold Glove winner, 7x National League MVP. Voting results? 36.2% of 75% vote required.

MLB: Hall of Shame (Timeout: Week 3)

Not chosen simply because he was on the ballot of other suspected PED users, Mike Piazza did admit to using androstenedione, but when it was legal to do so. He has also never been formally accused of taking illegal substances. Career Stats: AVG. .308 HR 427 RBI 1335. Season Averages: AVG. .308 HR 36 RBI 113. Vote results? 57.8% of 75% vote required.
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