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This immense tribute to stationary stores and pencil cases everywhere was revealed this past January at the Toronto Interior Design Show, filling an entire wall with nothing but colour.

The nice folks down at blackLAB Architects encourage their work by slinging the slogan “Get excited about design”,however, there isn’t much incentive on how excited one should get. Hearing the ice cream truck on a hot summer day excited, or finding money in your jacket from last winter excited? Or maybe hearing Niggas In Paris on your iTunes excited? After staring at this installation for a few minutes, refreshing the page, and staring again, I realize that the level of excitement needed to appreciate this is that of naïve, childlike wonderment, pushing your eyelids back as far as they can go and dropping your mouth open. In its earnest simplicity, the immensity of this piece with the fervent trigger of colour allows for the stimulation of our primal sense of fascination without the need for scrutiny or reason. I mean, look at all the colours! I will give them credit for actually sitting down and pressing pencil crayons into a pegboard. I guess it makes up for not being able to doodle on the walls as a kid.
Source - design-milk.com
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