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JT puts on Marvin Gaye's Suit & Tie

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JT puts on Marvin Gaye's Suit & Tie
I’m sure you’ve heard your fair share of “Suit and Tie” remixes, or maybe you shunned the original before you gave it a fair listen. (Hater, I’m talking to myself). But even the staunchest opponents will let their guard down when JT’s vocals are mixed with Marvin’s “Let’s Get It On.”

I’ve never heard of RRod before, but he’s definitely on my mashup radar now. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of perspective to change the way you look at a song, much like how Jay-Z’s Public Service Announcement served as vocal support for almost every instrumental mashup out there. Not that this puts Suit and Tie in the same category, but hey, if Jay-Z can recognize the talent in JT I can dig it.

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