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Rooney Shop SS 2014: Your Spring Six Sigma

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Rooney Shop SS 2014: Your Spring Six Sigma
Buying a spring wardrobe shouldn’t mean retooling your entire closet. In fact, buying a few well-interchangeable pieces that last you into the summer months is an investment. Having six staples you can repeatedly turn to may not be the final step in dressing well (after all, the accents are up to you), but they can be the building blocks to raising the ceiling on your style potential.

If you haven’t invested in a great pair of shorts (no, French terry or ball shorts doesn’t count), look no further than Engineered Garments’ polka dot printed Ghurka cotton short.

Rooney Shop SS 2014: Your Spring Six Sigma

This mid-length short sports two slash pockets at the rear and one, all flash but no function, button flap-pocket on the thigh. Its navy and white colourway can be dressed up with a sport coat or pared down with a simple t-shirt and low cut kicks. Stay away from bold graphic tees with this one, the Ghurka is the star of the show.

If you’re going for a jacket, then go with a classic. True to the 1967 model, the Type III jacket is made from 14oz preshrunk denim, but given a modern tapered fit complete with side adjusters.

Rooney Shop SS 2014: Your Spring Six Sigma

The two chest pockets are both stylish and functional, while the line of stitching across the chest anchors an otherwise clean front. However, stay away from similar cream tones in chinos or linen pants. It’s a spring outfit; you’re not going on safari.

This Levi's 1950's Crew Sweatshirt is quite stylish… if you’re not sweating in it.

Rooney Shop SS 2014: Your Spring Six Sigma

Although it’s sportswear, keep it in your drawer during your morning run, and instead use it to anchor your flashier coloured chinos. The 100% cotton ensures breathability, while the touch of blue adds elegance to Levi’s intentional distressed look. Feel free to load up on as many beach style string bracelets as you can, to let onlookers know you’re purposely disheveled.

This 100% Seersucker Hawaiian Shirt from Oliver Spencer isn’t the sunset printed travesties you find in souvenir shops.

Rooney Shop SS 2014: Your Spring Six Sigma

This perfect compromise between a polo and a button down can be paired with just about anything, even a sport coat. The fit is not as slim as some people prefer, but having a bit of give shows them that you’re polished but not uptight.

While everyone is going bold and bright with their kicks, let ‘em know you keep it low key with these grey M998CH’s from New Balance. (The suede is the subtle polish that speaks on your behalf anyways.)

Rooney Shop SS 2014: Your Spring Six Sigma

As always with New Balance, the Abzorb cushioned midsole will have you walking with comfort no matter the destination. Do yourself a favour and invest $20 bucks for suede protector, a brush and eraser. If you get caught in the rain, a quick morning after clean goes a long way.

If you want a dressier look without going bankrupt at the suiting department, this Baker Jacket from Engineered Garments should fit the bill.

Rooney Shop SS 2014: Your Spring Six Sigma

Made of 100% Cotton poplin, the unlined jacket with pleated vents makes the Baker dressy without being stuffy. Two side patch pockets and interior button closure pockets give plenty room for your electronic devices. More good news: the lapels elevate your status among street wear folk, without going full-on bourgeoisies by wearing a sport coat everywhere.

Like some of the items you see here? Visit the Rooney Shop to acquire one, or all six items, to ensure that your spring look gets off the sidelines and into the game. If you don't end up walking away with the whole gamut, even one item will be a step in the right direction.
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