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Raise Your Limits: Nike Lunar TR1

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Raise Your Limits: Nike Lunar TR1
A couple weeks ago I had a chance to participate in an exclusive training session to test out Nike’s latest training shoe–the Lunar TR1–at the Gary Roberts High Performance Centre located just north of the Toronto’s downtown core.

Raise Your Limits: Nike Lunar TR1

Alongside several other “influencers,” Mr. Roberts guided our group through a series of heart pounding exercises that challenged us not only physically but mental as well. We were #blessed to have Steve Stamkos–one of several elite athletes Gary trains–on hand acting as testament to how effective a properly designed, comprehensive cross-training program can have on the human body.

Raise Your Limits: Nike Lunar TR1

We all did our best to keep pace but as you can imagine, for most of us, sitting in a chair for the majority of the day doesn’t give us the affordances to match professional athletes like Gary and Steve. Although I wasn’t able to keep up, I can say with quite a bit of confidence that in this case, it wasn’t because of the shoes.

Raise Your Limits: Nike Lunar TR1

Raise Your Limits: Nike Lunar TR1

With lateral stability and traction at the core of the design, these Nike Lunar TR1’s were exactly what I needed to perform at my personal best.

For an in depth look of the event hit up the gallery.
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