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CMMN Brion Wool Coat

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CMMN Brion Wool Coat
This wool coat is more for the people that are on the vanguard of style. So if you don't think you have the fortitude to ignore some curious looks, walk away now.

CMMN Brion Wool Coat

Scandinavian designers are known for their simplistic and efficient cuts, but there is a sect that is also daring in its choices. This Brion coat offered by CMMN is one such offering. Half quilted wind breaker and half cashmere-wool, the three quarter length is all about comfort: namely keeping your lower extremities warm and your torso dry. Those who have spent days walking through the wind chilled streets of northern cities should appreciate the functionality that's being offered here. Only question is, are you enough of a rebel to rock it?

CMMN Brion Wool Coat

CMMN Brion Wool Coat
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