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Childish Gambino "Sober"

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I've popped a pill or two in my lifetime. (Don't judge me, join me.) But even if you haven't gone that far, most men know what it's like to partake in the fine broth of alcohol and muster up the courage to hit on a woman.

And to the women watching this video, I know what you're thinking: Creeper alert! Ladies, it's rare that a drunk/high man is charming and witty enough to unlock the code that is your smile. (While he's intoxicated, no less!) But some men truly are charming and witty. Or, lucky enough to have their video directed by Hiro Murai who scripts a Michael Jackson breakdown on a very well-timed bridge with harmonious melodies ready to serenade you at the next opportune moment. Only me and Ernest Hemingway could have read that sentence in one breath without blinking. Literary joke, ya'll. Bam!
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